Valve will create a device to broadcast video games to the brain

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American company plans to create a device to broadcast games directly into the gamer’s brain. So far, this development is considered fantastic.

The head of the company Valve Glebe Newell said that he was interested in interfaces, which are directly connected to the human brain. He said that the corporation’s experts will address the development, which will connect the human gray matter with the computer. He is confident that this will allow gamers to experience emotions in video games even more vividly.

“The real world will seem flat, colorless, blurry compared to the experience that you can experience directly through the brain,” 1 News quoted Newell.

Valve official explained that he is well aware of the similarity of his idea with a science fiction, but in any case, it can not be ignored. Newell also said the company has developments in this area. Experts are engaged in the creation of open-source software, which will facilitate the developers to understand the signals coming from the human brain.

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