The U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan and Iraq

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The Chinese media are paying considerable attention to U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. This was reported by Xinhua on November 17, providing information, commenting that the corresponding official order of the U.S. leader is expected in the coming days.

By January 15, 2021 the number of U.S. troops in these two countries should be reduced to 2.5 thousand troops each. The corresponding notice has already been sent to the troops of the Pentagon. It is noted that earlier this threshold for the reduction of the number of troops has been named presidential adviser on national security Robert O’Brien. Reports came last week following the resignation of former U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who was replaced by Christopher Miller, acting head of the military department.

About 4,500 U.S. troops are currently stationed in afghanistan and about 3,000 in Iraq, according to a report.

The war in afghanistan, which killed 2,400 u.s. troops, is the longest in the country’s history, and Trump has long sought the general withdrawal of u.s. troops from the country.

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