The network discussed Trump’s promise to win in eight “lost” states

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The statement of the current U.S. President Donald Trump that he will win in the eight states of the country in which the results of the presidential election were challenged, has caused a reaction on the Internet. Users expressed their opinions Jan. 5 on Facebook.

“He’ll probably get dumped, the more time passes since election day, the weaker his arguments about massive fraud will become, but let’s wait, time will tell,” wrote Berkinbay B.

Some users found themselves dumbfounded by such a statement from Trump. They believe that this politician simply does not know how to lose and is unable to leave office with dignity.

“Oh my God! He doesn’t even know how to lose with dignity. No pride!”, shared the opinion of Julia N.

Others, on the contrary, praised the desire of the current U.S. president to the end to fight for the right to stay in office.

“What a restless man! But, purely humanly, one can envy such a character: willpower, indefatigability, clarity of purpose. Not a bad set of personal qualities for success in life,” believes Sena R.

However, there were those who were convinced that Trump did much more than just win the presidential election. In their opinion, he has managed to expose the “dirty nature of American politics.

“Trump has already won in the eyes of advanced humanity by exposing the rotten top of supposed democracy in the United States. Presidents come and go, but historical truth is forever,” writes Harry T.

Recall that on January 5, the current U.S. President Donald Trump challenged the results of the presidential election in eight states where he, according to official data, lost to Democrat Joseph Biden, and promised his supporters victory in these regions.

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