The European Union no longer recognizes Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela

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The European Union can no longer recognize Juan Guaido as “interim president of Venezuela,” since after the December elections he lost the post of head of the Venezuelan Parliament.

In this regard, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell called Guaido not a head of state, but “a prominent figure of the opposition.

The changed position of official Brussels was confirmed by the representative of the European Commission, Peter Stano. He reported that such a decision had been taken unanimously.

“This text has been agreed and accepted by all 27 EU countries. The text reflects the EU’s position, which is that we consider Juan Guaido and the members of the last democratic elected institution, which is the outgoing National Assembly, as particularly important interlocutors. We will continue to work with them,” Stano said.

The statement by the envoys of the 27 EU governments was the result of an agreement reached in Brussels that Guaido’s self-proclaimed role as “interim president” no longer has institutional status.

This came after the United Socialist Party of the legally elected head of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolas Maduro, took control of the Venezuelan National Assembly (parliament of the country).

The fact that the European Union “turned its back” on Guaido caused indignation among European “democracy promoters. Their opinion was expressed by Czech liberal Dita Charanzova, who demanded an explanation from the EU leadership.

“I do not know why Mr. Borrell made such a statement. It’s clear to me that the EU should continue to support the democratic forces in Venezuela and recognize Juan Guaido as a legitimate representative of Venezuela,” Charanzova said.

Note that Guaido himself and his companions now call themselves the “Board of Directors” of the “newly created Delegated Commission” of the “legitimate National Assembly,” which gives even more absurdity and comicality to the activities of such “political opposition.

This whole political theater risks losing the support of its main patron, the United States. In less than two weeks, Mike Pompeo, Guaido’s main high-profile patron in America, is leaving his post as Secretary of State.

Whether there will be a need for an alternative “Venezuelan president” in the new administration in Washington is very unclear at the moment.

As reported by EADaily, following the December 6 parliamentary elections, supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro won an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly (Parliament) of Venezuela, winning 91% of the seats.

The new parliament took office on January 5

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