The case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court – an expert on the “Trump phenomenon”

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Vladimir Vasilyev, chief researcher at the U.S. and Canadian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that U.S. President Donald Trump demonstrates his intention to use all available opportunities in the proceedings of the presidential election results.

“The most important thing is that Trump, what is called, resists. And the fact that he does not admit his defeat at the moment may be of great importance. With his statement that the constitution was violated, he hints that he would like the Supreme Court of the United States to be involved, the whole matter is going on,” Vladimir Vasiliev said.

Donald Trump said he won the presidential election. “I won the election! – wrote the president on Twitter. The social network marked his message as contradicting “official sources”. On another tweet, Trump criticized media forecasts of his opponent Joe Biden’s victory and claimed that the constitution had been violated during the voting.

According to Vasilyev, regardless of the future result, we can already state that the current US president has demonstrated his fighting skills, the expert is sure.

“He is a fighter. There is the “Trump phenomenon”, and his example is the example of a politician who defends his interests as he understands them. And it’s probably worthy of emulation – to fight for your honor and dignity,” Vasilyev said.
The U.S. presidential election was held on November 3, but the winner has not yet been officially named. Votes are still being counted in some states. However, the U.S. media is giving the victory to Joe Biden. Biden himself has already announced his victory in the elections. He has been congratulated by many heads of state.

Trump claims that the election is far from over and intends to defend the victory in court.

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