With the purchase of new bicycles in France since January 1, 2021 has become mandatory to register the vehicle. This is reported by TV channel CNews. Bicycle registration will be carried out directly at the purchase of the vehicle. A customer will be given a sticker with a serial number […]

An armed man dressed in traditional Afghan clothing was detained in French Lyon, local media reported. “He had a 30-centimeter knife and seemed ready for action,” media quote Pierre Olivier, mayor of Lyon’s second district. It is noted that the suspect is currently being interrogated, after which he will be […]

Barbara Pompili, the head of the “Together” faction in the lower house of the French parliament, the National Assembly, announced the formation of a full-fledged political party based on her group. It was announced on Tuesday, October 13, reports Le Figaro. Movement “Together”, which previously was only a group in […]

Two journalists of French newspaper Monde were wounded during bombardment in Nagorno-Karabakh on October 1. The Armenian government’s unified information center informed about this. The journalists came under fire in the town of Martouni. Now they are being taken to the local hospital. The center added that the cameraman of […]