Scientists confirmed one of the hypotheses of dinosaur death

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One of the hypotheses of the dinosaurs’ death has been confirmed. It became possible thanks to an asteroid dust found in the 300-kilometer crater Chicxulub at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

The results of the study appear in the scientific journal Science Advances. The Chicxulub crater at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico was left by an asteroid that fell to Earth about 65.5-66 million years ago. Some scientists believed that this event caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

These creatures may have disappeared due to massive outpourings of magma and volcanic eruptions at the site of the Deccan Plateau, which is located in what is now India. This happened either simultaneously with or before the asteroid impact. Sulfur compounds filled the atmosphere and ocean waters, resulting in a powerful greenhouse effect.

There is a hypothesis that these events are connected. The fall of the asteroid may have affected the Earth’s interior and the structure of the Earth’s crust. This could have caused volcanoes to erupt on the Deccan Plateau and on the ocean floor. Studies of microdust have shown that dinosaurs went extinct due to starvation, which began because of the inability of Mesozoic flora to grow under the conditions of an “asteroid winter”.

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