Pope Francis predicts a new world flood

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The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Francis, said that widespread flooding has every chance of happening again because of global warming, melting glaciers and irresponsible politicians. The pontiff drew attention to this problem back in 2015 with his second encyclical (a papal document of address devoted to certain issues), Laudato si, in which he spoke of environmental and ecological issues. In the document he called climate change “a global problem with serious consequences,” calling on humanity to take responsibility for the Earth.

Today, six years later, with Venice suddenly shoaling due to the tides, Pope Francis’ prediction sounds almost like a verdict. According to him, if the leaders of various countries do not respond, a new global catastrophe will inevitably await the world. “A flood, possibly due to rising temperatures and melting glaciers, will happen now if we continue on the same path,” remarked the pontiff, whose statement is cited in the book “On Vices and Virtues,” written by Don Marco Pozza, chaplain at Padua Prison, based on conversations with Francis. The Corriere della Sera of Milan exclusively published an excerpt from this work, which will appear in all bookstores in Italy in the coming days.

In it, referring to the Bible, the Pope stressed that the deluge itself, despite archaeological discoveries, is seen by many as a historical myth, but should be seen as “the result of the wrath of God,” who decided to “wipe out mankind” for unworthy behavior.

Francis also did not fail to remind us that Noah survived the flood solely because he was virtuous. In this regard, the pontiff suggested that in order to combat climate change, the authorities should first of all focus their efforts on fighting corruption and injustice.

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