Poll: British Prime Minister risks losing his post

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The results of a poll show that the British public is categorically unhappy with the way Boris Johnson’s government has “managed” the Covid epidemic and the way it has “managed” Brexit.

The poll predicts that if a general election is held tomorrow, neither the Conservatives nor Labor will win an absolute majority. According to the survey, the Conservatives would lose 81 seats in parliament, burying their triumphant majority of 80 seats on the Westminster benches, which they commanded in December 2019. The British prime minister, the researchers predict, is now at risk of losing his own parliamentary seat to the voters of Axbridge and Ruislip South.

A Focaldata poll of more than 22,000 Britons found that the Tory party could hold 284 seats in parliament, while the opposition Labor party could hold 282, securing a gain of 82 seats.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is likely to achieve unprecedented success in Scotland, winning 57 of the 59 seats. Today the party, led by Nicola Sturgeon, has taken a firm line to leave the United Kingdom and join the European Union. There is speculation that the Scottish SNP will be part of a coalition government with Labor, thereby securing a majority of just over 20 seats.

The Liberal Democrat Party, which had 11 seats in Westminster, is now on the losing side. Tomorrow, as the observers calculate, it will remain in parliament with only two seats. One in four voters who supported the Liberal Democrats in 2019 say today that they will switch to Labor.

The results clearly show that new Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is successfully rebuilding his party’s support with voters. Over the past six months, Labor has steadily gained a 26-point lead over the Conservatives.

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