Pentagon does not rule out a nuclear war with Russia

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According to Charles Richard, head of the Strategic Command, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon has not had to consider a direct military confrontation with a nuclear power, but now the situation has changed.

According to him, today there is a real possibility that “a regional crisis with Russia or China may quickly escalate into a conflict using nuclear weapons if, in their view, a threat to the political system or the state arises in the event of a conventional weapons attack.”

As Richard noted, ruling out the use of nuclear weapons by Washington’s likely adversaries is erroneous, and while the Pentagon has the fight against terrorism as its priority, Moscow and Beijing have allegedly begun pursuing an aggressive policy.

As reported, the Third World War can not be avoided and the main participants in it will be Russia, China and the United States.

Retired Major General Osman Pamukoglu of Turkish Armed Forces wrote about it in his new book, “The Third World War”. Based on the experience of the previous two world wars, Pamukoglu believes that Washington and Moscow will enter into a coalition against Beijing.

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