Owner of a Russian restaurant in San Diego told how he defended himself against protesters with guns

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The owner of the restaurant “Pushkin” in San Diego, Hayk Ghazaryan, told how he defended his establishment from protesters.

The man decided to take additional security measures after he saw the consequences of the riots.

“I called my good friends, called them. We are allowed to have guns, so about ten people came to defend the restaurant with guns and pistols. At one point the crowd came at us, but they dared not do anything. There were a couple of incidents when people with hammers tried to break the windows of our restaurant and the restaurant next door. From 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., we stood there, ten hours we held the fort. We’ll have to keep defending. We will be on duty all week, most likely,” he explained.

At the same time the businessman prudently sent all the employees of the restaurant home.

“I decided not to involve the restaurant staff [in the defense] so as not to put them in danger. I am responsible for their safety”, – said Ghazaryan.

The owner of the restaurant added that the protests in San Diego are accompanied by pogroms and arson. Protesters are well prepared and divided into small groups, so police do not have time to stop them

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