Erdogan’s words about Russia’s attack on the opposition in Syria were discussed online

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The accusation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan against the Russian Federation for the destruction of the “opposition” camp in the Syrian province of Idlib has caused discussion among network users. Citizens expressed their opinion on 29 October

According to some citizens, Erdogan was outraged that the destroyed militants were engaged in illegal oil deliveries from Syria to Turkey. Thus, I think people, the leader of Turkey lost a profitable way to get fuel with the hands of allegedly Syrian opposition.

“It’s just that some people were prevented from stealing oil first in Syria, with the help of terrorists called opposition, and now the possibility of obtaining oil at a preferential price from Azerbaijan, as an assistant in the war with Armenia, may break down. We need to understand that Turkey has spent its whole life trying to take away everything that is bad in the neighboring world,” D Arvov believes.

A number of users turned out to be convinced that Russia had taken the path of defending its interests, which is very displeasing to other players on the geopolitical field. Destroying Syrian terrorists is in the interests of the Russian Federation and therefore the authorities should not respond to Erdogan’s indignation, citizens believe.

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