Cindy Crawford started fighting with her husband

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As it became known, the marriage of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber, which always seemed perfect, is going through bad times. The previously friendly spouses began to quarrel, which used to happen to them very rarely. This edition of The Globe was told by an insider among Randy’s buddies.

The cause of conflicts between Crawford and her husband lies in their children. More precisely, in a completely different approach to their education. Previously, there were no misunderstandings about this because Kaya and Presley grew up just extremely obedient children. However, when both grew up, it seems that they began a late period of teenage rebellion. And if Randy reacts to everything with complete calm – he thinks they have to go through it, then Cindy is constantly nervous, all the time rushing to intervene and pestering his wife. She regularly gives her husband a “stage”, and this, not surprisingly, does not like Randy at all.

It all started when her son was arrested by the police for drunk driving, as Cindy thought exemplary. After that Presley “broke through”: he started painting his body with rather provocative tattoos and making strange statements. Then, Kaya’s mother and a “good girl” scared him, who had an affair with Pete Davidson, who had previously been seen using drugs. Cindy then managed to get her husband to intervene. He went to New York to see Pete and talked to him face-to-face “as a man. And then separately – with Kaya. As a result, the girl decided to part with Pete, and he did not try to get her back. But Randy called this situation exceptional. And now that his daughter began dating a new guy, which Cindy also does not like, Randy flatly refuses to interfere. This leads to new conflicts. And, as the couple’s friends are afraid, if the spouses continue in the same way, it may end up quite badly.

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