A suborbital test flight of the next U.S. space shuttle prototype Starship, which is being developed for manned missions to the moon and Mars, is not expected before March 24, according to a specialized website Next Spaceflight. Earlier, SpaceX founder Elon Musk said SN11 was “almost ready to fly.” Last […]

Paradox studio unveiled a poetry mechanic for Crusader Kings 3. Now it has a random verse generator. Character poets will be able to use their compositions to torture or seduce, the developers told the official website. In the previous version there was a trait “poet”, it increased some characteristics, but […]

Chinese doctors have begun using 5G technology to diagnose patients remotely in hard-to-reach areas. This was reported by the Xinhua News Agency. For example, doctors at the People’s Hospital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region in Lhasa, using a robot carried out ultrasound diagnosis of the patient, located at a distance […]

American company plans to create a device to broadcast games directly into the gamer’s brain. So far, this development is considered fantastic. The head of the company Valve Glebe Newell said that he was interested in interfaces, which are directly connected to the human brain. He said that the corporation’s […]

Telegram founder Pavel Durov rejected a proposal by Western funds to invest in the messenger. Investors had valued the application at $30 billion. A consortium of foreign funds had intended to buy 5-10% of Telegram, The Bell reports. The offer was sent last week, and the founder of the messenger […]

HTC is preparing a new smartphone for the market. According to experts, Desire 21 Pro might get an LCD screen. With the release of this model, the Taiwanese manufacturer intends to resume its shaky position in the market of mobile technologies. HTC Corporation is known for its smartphones and tablets, […]