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Boris Johnson’s key advisor intends to leave his post by the end of the year

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Senior Adviser to the British Prime Minister Dominic Cummings plans to leave the post by the end of this year, reports Friday, the BBC, citing sources.

“A high-ranking source on Downing Street said Cummings would be out of government by Christmas,” the BBC said.

“The rumors that I may step down are fabricated,” Cummings said in turn. However, he also pointed out that his longstanding position had not changed: he had previously said he wanted to “make himself largely unnecessary” to the government by the end of 2020.

It is noted that information about the possible resignation of Cummings, who was approved by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019 to deal with the strategy of the program Get Brexit Done, began to circulate actively after his post left Lee Kane, Director of Communications on Downing Street. Kane is a close associate of Cummings and together they campaigned for Leave before the referendum on UK’s exit from the EU. After Kane resigned, many in London suggested that Cummings would soon leave the post.

At the same time, one of the BBC’s interlocutors among conservative politicians said that the departure of the Caine-Cummings couple gave the party a chance for a successful “reset,” and Cummings’ resignation would be a “blessing. Another interlocutor expressed the opposite point of view; he believes that “letting Cummings go is a big mistake.

Transport Minister Grant Schaepps said he was not surprised by rumors of Cummings’ resignation, as advisors come and go from time to time.

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