Artificial intelligence will divide people into ‘rightists’ and ‘leftists’

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Experts from Stanford University have created artificial intelligence capable of guessing a person’s political preferences from his photo. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Dr. Michael Kosinski of Stanford claims to have developed a facial recognition algorithm capable of determining whether a person is a liberal or a conservative.

The artificial intelligence was trained using 1,085,795 photos of Facebook users from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is not known, however, whether these people were notified that their pictures were used for the research.

“It is noted that the study was ethnically diverse. It included more than 347,000 non-white participants,” the Daily Mail reporters clarified, just in case.

The analysis is based on just one photo of a person, and the accuracy of the study is over 70% (in the UK, 70%; in Canada, 71%; in the U.S., 72%). Ordinary people, if given the same task, can determine a person’s political beliefs from a photo with an accuracy of 55%.

Artificial Intelligence evaluated facial expression and head position in the picture to determine the result. According to the results, it found that liberal-minded people were more likely to look directly into the camera, while conservatives had a look of disgust on their face.

“Liberals tended to look more directly into the camera, were more likely to express surprise and less likely to express disgust. Those who expressed disgust were labeled as conservatives,” the Daily Mail wrote.

Interestingly, this study was based on another experiment conducted by Stanford in 2017. At that time, scientists developed artificial intelligence, which is able to determine a person’s sexual preferences and orientation by his face. Now, the researchers have moved on from the intimate realm to politics.

“One picture of a person’s face reveals more about a person’s political orientation than his answers to a rather long personality questionnaire that includes many items related to political views (e.g., “I treat all people equally” or “I think too much tax money goes to support artists”),” the study says.

Why scientists would want to find out who people sleep with and who they vote for is questionable. However, the decision to conduct a political study may be related to the conflict between Democrats and Republicans in the United States. The political crisis in the United States has led to the fact that supporters of Donald Trump are being harassed: for example, one airline specifically boarded a plane to get people who spoke in favor of Trump off the plane. The 45th president of the United States himself was blocked from all social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

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